a small list of impossible things

i have a list of impossible things.

some of them are quite possible, actually,

it’s just that i like to be pessimistic,

and then feel magical when they happen.

my first kiss

was a notable one

on this list,

and when that happened,

i was a little more than satisfied.

but there are items on this list,

that, i regret to say,

are impossible.

chief among these impossible things,

is you.

unmistakable, indescribable you.

with eyes that remind me of the summer,

all warm and full of life.


you are possible,

but that is not what i want.

it’s more what i want from you that is impossible.

i want to wake up to you,

still wrapped up in the grips of sleep,

eyes fluttering innocently under your lids,

brow without a trace of worry or care,

heedless of the real world.

i want to be the one you wake up to,

staring at you admiringly,

all sleepy smiles and affection.

i’ve wanted this for years now.

i’ve wanted this for so long that i can picture a future

with surprising amounts of detail and clarity.

you are everything that i’ve ever wanted, everything that i would ever need.


you are just

another one of my

impossible things.


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