hi, my name is caelum. i’m 18 years old, genderfluid, and i’m constantly on the verge of a solipsistic coma. my favorite color is yellow, and making billie joe armstrong laugh is the only great accomplishment in life.

my pronouns are they/them/theirs, and if you choose to not use those pronouns, i will take that as an invitation to kick yer face in.

i used to live in a nowhere town, ravaged emotionally by the event leading up to my departure from the sunny desert to which i have returned. thanks for your patience. now i’ll just write things about the boy i’m still in love with after three years and the ongoing existential crisis that is my senior year of high school. woo. best time of my life. what am i even going to do after high school god help me

on a more “tmi” note: i’m an emotional/psychological abuse survivor. i hate using that term, “survivor”, but that’s just the way it goes. this affects my writing/general disposition a great deal, so i thought it was important to include this here.

you may not use or repost my work without my express written consent. idek why you would want to, but i’m just putting it out there.


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